Wine Making Equipment Kit

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This versatile equipment kit accommodates the winemaker using fresh fruit, grape juices and concentrates as well as those using winemaking kits. This kit contains equipment only, it does not include any Ingredients. If you are needing ingredients too, please click on the link above to see all The Home Brewery Products.  The Equipment Kit includes: 7.9 gallon Plastic Wide Mouth Fermenter with a Lid; 6 gallon Better Bottle Plastic Carboy with Stopper; Airlock; Hydrometer; Racking Tube with anti-sediment tip; 5 ft Flexible Tubing; Bottle Filler; Carboy and Bottle Washer with a faucet adapter; Easy Double Lever Corker; 30 Wine Corks; Starter Booklet; and Sanitizer.Versatile equipment kit, perfect for making wine from fresh fruit and grapes or wine kits.

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