This easel-style desk calendar features 12 colorful vintage illustrations (circa 1880) of American birds, their nests, and eggs. Enjoy the bird of the month, including whippooRWills, nuthatches, kingfishers, auks, and woodpeckers. Printed on...

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Brewing embodies an ancient balance of art and science. From selecting your favorite recipe to drinking the immensely satisfying result, this beautiful handcrafted homebrewing kit contains everything you need to brew delicious craft beer and stir up...

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The Brewbarrel Home Brewing Kit is the fastest and easiest way to brew your own beer. It is an exceptional gift for every occasion. It contains a 5 liter keg (1.32 gallons or 10 ½ pints) and all necessary ingredients to brew your own beer. Due to...

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Here at Northern Brewer, we've spent countless hours in the Brew Lab eliminating every obstacle that stands between beginning brewers and the perfect homebrew. We got rid of the mess, the mystery, and every possible brew day mishap. And when we were...

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A starter kit with everything you need to dive into homebrewing. Discover the hobby that's sweeping the nation with craft brew can-do. Are you ready to embark on a grand adventure? The Platinum Pro Beer Brewing Starter Kit with Front Porch Pale...

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One of the simplest joys in life is opening a bottle of beer and saying, "I made this." And we feel that making beer should be simple too. So we put together all the essential equipment and tools you need to hand craft superb beer that you can call...

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This hefeweizen recipe is unique and east to drink. Its silky smooth flavor includes tastes of citrus, clove and banana, making it a refreshing recipe to enjoy all year long. Our hefeweizen craft beer brewing kits use only 100% malt extract,...

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The Mr. Beer 740ml Deluxe Bottling System will come with everything you need to bottle 2 gallons of great tasting beer or hard cider. The Bottling System includes 12 reusable plastic bottles along with reusable screw-on caps and Mr. Beer logo...

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Absolutely everything you need to brew craft beer at home. Easy-to-follow, thorough instructions, plus a DVD you can brew along with. A complete brewing equipment set built by real brewmasters, plus a recipe made from the same high-quality...

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Showing off your love for beer has never been easier, or looked better, with the Kegerator 5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg NSF Rubber Handle (5GRUBKEG). Use this keg to upgrade your homebrew equipment and dispense a number of beverages including beer, wine...

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This is the ultimate tailgating accessory! the tailgate jug is constructed of heavy-duty plastic and stainless steel; insulated to keep beverages hot or cold. It features a push-button spout for easy dispensing.Decorated with a high quality metal...

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From the first step in assembly to cleaning up after your last pour, this Kegco Ultimate Kegerator Conversion Kit has everything you'll need to successfully convert your refrigerator into a beer dispenser. This kit is made up of high quality parts...

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