Why Try Home Brewing? 5 Good Reasons to Make Your Own Beer


Ancient peoples may have brewed their own beer and wine out of necessity (and brew it they did — back at least as far as 10,000 BC that we know of) after all there was no liquor store or convenience store on the corner to grab a cold six-pack or the latest import.

But, really, this was how if was for them for everything they consumed. From bread and meats to vegetables and oils — it was all “do it yourself.”

It’s all changed today when we can easily go to the store and get just about anything we need. So why try homebrewing your own beer?

Homebrewing is More Common Than You Might Think

Home brewing has become in the past few years one of the country’s fastest growing hobbies.

Almost overnight there are several monthly magazines devoted to the subject. Brewing Techniques, Home Brew, The Complete Joy of Home Brewing, and Extreme Brewing are just a few.

And many online sites are now dedicated to selling home brewing kits and equipment.

Take heart that no matter what your family thinks, if you are interested in home brewing you’re not alone.

What are the Reasons That Home Brewing is Becoming So Popular?

Naturally there are almost as many reasons that people try home brewing as there are home brewers. In other words, everyone has their own reasons and everyone is different.

But a few good reasons keep coming up when home brewers talk to each other:

1. Home brewing is an art. It may be a hobby but there is much skill involved also. People who love to cook are often drawn to home brewing.

2. Every batch of beer is different. Forget trying the latest import of seasonal. With home brewing you always have something new to enjoy.

3. Home brewers are a friendly lot. If there is one thing that home brewers love almost as much as making beer it is talking about making beer. Sharing stories and recipes, trying new batches and just getting together with like minded friends are all reasons many people enjoy home brewing.

Certainly these are all good reasons, but naturally the number one reason most home brewers give for making their own beer is…

4. Taste – There is nothing like being able to adjust the recipes to their own taste and experiment with different ingredients and cooking procedures. Sure there are some basic things that never change, but you can add different ingredients and experiment with different techniques to make your own signature creation.

Adjusting the ingredients can give you a lighter, paler ale or a thicker and heartier stout. Adding incredients, like honey or berries can give you a flavor that cannot be found in the stores.

One Last Reason No One Talks About

5. Although most won’t admit it, many people home brew simply because it is “cool.” If you and your friends like beer there is just nothing like being able to tell them that you make your own. Just watch the face of someone who has made his or her own beer as they offer you a glass.

It’s hard to be that excited about giving someone a “Bud.”

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