5 Reasons You Should Start Home Brewing Beer With a Homebrew Kit


Although it is true that people have been making beer and wine in their homes since at least 10,000 BC (that we can prove — maybe much earlier) the modern notion of home brewing is very new.

Chances are that your father did not make beer at home.

brew1Modern home brewing grew out of the dissatisfaction people started to feel in the early 1980’s with the small selection of mostly bland beers. Craft beers, micro brews and brew pubs came on the scene to give people a choice of good taste.

Home brewing also made it’s modern appearance. And with the good also came the bad. No doubt a lot of bad. Because, like any craft or art, brewing beer is difficult. Not once you learn, but to get started. If you did not learn home brewing at your fathers knee then chances are you have no idea where to start to make beer at home.

Enter the Home Brewing Kit.

Home Brew Kits are all-in-one solutions to making your first batch of beer. The best ones come complete with the proper equipment, all the ingredients and detailed instructions to remove all the guesswork.

If you don’t want to wait through several months of trial and error for your first decent batch of beer, then a beer making kit may be right for you.

Besides giving you a drinkable batch of home brew the first time, home brewing kits also have these things going for them:

1. They are a cheap way to test the hobby. Hey, even if you love the taste of beer, making it at home may not be right for you. Why sink $1,000’s into expensive equipment and learn you hate it. Very good home brew kits can be found on the internet for under $100 and many lesser ones run 1/2 that.

2. Home brewing kits come with EVERYTHING you need — a big plus for the beginner. The right ingredients and the right equipment are all included. Not last minute runs to the store when you find you have forgotten an essential component. Not ruined batch because you used the wrong pail or your airlock did not work.

3. Kits can teach you the process of brewing that you can expand upon if and when you want to buy more serious equipment.

4. Home Brew Kits are designed to do exactly what they say they will and exactly what they need to do and come with detailed step by step instructions to help you along. No guessing if you have the right piece or if these hops or grains will work for this beer or that. Plenty of time to experiment later.

Which brings up one of the best reasons to use a home brew kit to make beer at home:

5. The best home brew kits can grow with you. They are great for starting out — all the ingredients to make your first batch or two of beer — but then you can easily reuse the equipment for you future batches. Find new recipes and try different styles. Your kit is ready to perform.

Make sure that if think you may want continue using the kit to make more beer you get a quality kit from the beginning.

These are just a few of the reasons a home brewing kit is best for the beginner.

It is easier than ever to get started in the fun and delicious hobby of Home Brewing. Best Home Courses offers a Free 43 Page Ebook called, naturally, Home Brewing to help you. Learn the history of beer, whether home brewing is legal in your state, the best ways to get started and best places to get all the equipment and recipes you’ll ever need — including the best place on the web to get the best Home Brew Kits.

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