Adventures in Home Brewing


From simple recipes and ingredients to sophisticated home brewing techniques and rich tastes of home brews, sipping a beer brewed from your own premises can be a liberating experience, one that you should take pride in. Whether you are new to the home brewing culture or are a seasoned master brewer, recipe formulation and beer brewing techniques are continually evolving to accommodate the changing demands of our taste buds as well as advancement in brewing equipment. Therefore there is always room for improvement in both the craft and the product.

Get the right tools for the trade!
Starting out with the right equipment and supplies is key to ensuring that your home brewing experience is both practical and rewarding. Even better news is that a home beer brewing starter kit (a fermentor, airlock, coated thermometer, measuring cup, strainer) will not cost you an arm and a leg, and they are easy to use even for the novice brewer.This could be the difference between raising your beer glass to toss a newly discovered beer flavor or beating a hasty retreat. Try to stick to the basics and work your way up into the brewing lifestyle and the complexities of beer brewing science.

Flock with other birds of your feather!
Finding a support group and people who share same passion as you will give you the opportunity to learn from each other and to get much needed support. Join a local brewing club to get more acquainted with the brewing culture. Plan to attend seminars and closely follow AHA (American Homebrewers Association), the most trusted source of home brewing news, for updates on recipes, ideas, equipment development and for upcoming events near your zip code. The Homebrew Digest is also a great online resource to keep you in the loop.

Plan to attend a brewing competition!
Your friends and family are probably your biggest cheerleaders and have approved of your beer as the best tasting home brew they’ve had yet. Although this could be true, it is a good idea to get objective opinion from an unbiased secondary source. Registering for and participating in competitions gives you the opportunity to get honest feedback and creative critique on your product. This will assist you in making adjustments and changes were necessary to improve on taste and the quality of your beer.

Practice patience. Experiment and REPEAT!
Mastering the brewing process is not going to happen in a fortnight. Patience will go a long way in this case as you await on your next beer creation to effectively ferment! Experiment with ingredients and do not easily give up. Once it’s all said and done, you will be getting together with your buddies and enjoying your carefully crafted libations. Drink responsibly.


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Home Brewing Beer Using Kegs is Easier and Cheaper


Using Kegs to brew your own beer at home is a lot easier than most people imagine it to be. If you do not possess the adequate, necessary knowledge needed in order to accomplish brewing your own beer at home with kegs, then you no doubt are missing out on a grand opportunity, as well as missing out on saving a great amount of money in doing so. Consider this fact: it only costs nearly six dollars per gallon to home brewing beer with kegs.

A Beginners' Guide To Craft Beer


In case you missed it, craft beer is pretty popular. Well-known brands that have been around for a while, while still worthy beverages, are taking a bit of a backseat to more independent-minded brewers whose aim is a return to a more cultivated taste. Small batches, high-quality ingredients, and working with a recipe until it’s perfect are all part of the craze.

Home Brewing

Beer drinkers who find it inconvenient or expensive to make trips to the brewery, can now enjoy a cold one at home.

Home brewing kits make it easy to have great tasting beer whenever you want it. The process is a little complex, but the money you’ll save and the satisfaction you’ll receive are well worth the effort.

Home Brewing Beer With Kegs Is Easy And Less Expensive

Home brewing beer with kegs is a lot easier than you may have imagined. If you are ignorant about how to go about this task then you will be missing out on a great opportunity as well as miss out on saving a good deal of money. If you are still in doubt then consider the fact that it only costs six dollars a gallon when you undertake home brewing beer with kegs.

Home Brewing Beer With CO2 Can Go With A Pop

Beer has been brewed at home, more or less for the past several thousand years. There is not much said about the practice before the nineteenth century. At some point though, men figured out that CO2 (carbon dioxide) was needed for brewing beer at home. This most likely strengthened the fascination with home brewing. Larger breweries were not quite so thrilled with the home-based competition.