Bottle Label Applicator Machine for Small Home Businesses HC6

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Near the end of the last century, a friend of mine operated a little cosmetics business from his home where he manufactured and bottled his own products. Putting labels on his bottles and jars by hand was always a pain in the neck. It was so slow, the blank laser labels were expensive, and very few were straight and perfectly aligned. He shopped all of the hand operated labeling machines on the market, but they were all too expensive for his little business. He just couldn’t justify spending $1500 for a simple hand operated labeler. Easy Labeler is an affordable label applicator machine for small businesses. It is wonderful for lotion bottles and cosmetic jars, beer and wine bottles, and any round container. Just place your container on the rollers, turn the crank, and your label is perfectly aligned and applied. This hand-operated bench-top labeler can apply up to 1000 labels an hour on round bottles from 1.5 inch to 5 inches in diameter. Our other model will work with smaller and larger containers. It uses self adhesive roll labels up to 8 inches in diameter and rolls up to 4.5 inches wide. We have larger models that can handle rolls up to 8.5 inches wide. Remember, 4.5 inches is the width of the roll, and not the width of the label on your container. It accepts labels on both 1 inch and 3 inch cores. Front and back labels can be applied with an optional Front/Back attachment at no cost. We also offer attachments that allow containers with small lips or recesses to be labeled successfully. Just ask. Tapered containers won’t work with this machine. Labels that wrap entirely around the container to overlap or come close to overlapping need special care to align properly. The Easy Labeler manual label machine is built in America.We guarantee our machines for two years parts and workmanship. If you are unhappy with it, for any reason, just contact me to arrange a return within 30 days for a full refund. If you are a small business, this is the Labeling Machine you have been looking for

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