3 Gallon Amcyl Keg New Ball Lock

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New stainless steel 3 gallon ball lock keg with single handle, rubber boot bottom, and integrated pressure relief. Important warranty information: All kegs are designed to food-safe NSF standards. Kegs can be fully cleaned without disassembly. If you disassemble your keg you void the manufacturer’s warranty and may damage the keg. Clean your keg without disassembly by running sanitizer through it as you would to dispense beer. Rinse thoroughly afterwards. If you choose to disassemble your keg, do not use power tools. Post removal by any method can gall stainless steel. Remove posts slowly; if tension is felt screw the post back in before backing off again. Keg posts have an O-ring seal. Very little tension is required to reseal.8.5″ diameter by 16.75″ tall

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