SS Brew Bucket Fermenter

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Upgrade your home brewery with ONE of these innovative Stainless Steel Brew Bucket Fermenters! You will enjoy the benefits of a stainless conical fermenter but at a fraction of the cost and you are going to love how easy it is to use! Made by Ss Brewing Technologies from polished 304 Stainless Steel, The Brew BucketTM is not only functional it is downright beautiful. One of the most unique features that stands out, is that the Brew Bucket can be stacked during fermentation, even with an airlock attached. Another Cool feature is the conical bottom that allows trub to settle out in a concentrated space that minimizes the surface area of the trub that is in contact with your beer. The included Patent Pending Rotating Racking Valve is also a brilliantly simple design allowing you to rotate the racking arm inside the Brew Bucket down during fermentation to minimize trub, and later up to get clear beer when racking! Etched Volume Markers on the inside are super handy when filling. The build quality is really amazing for the price. Welds are clean. The lid is strong and the spring loaded lid hatches are solid. The lid includes a removable, molded silicone gasket that ensures an airtight seal. The welded on stainless handles make the Brew Bucket super easy to move. Overall: Very functional, easy-to-use, will last a lifetime, and looks amazing. Lets make some beer! Thanks for shopping with Hammerstone SupplyCertified food grade 304 stainless steel

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