Millar’s Brewing Cleaner 1qt

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Finally, an all-natural 100% plant-based, non-toxic & very effective organic compound cleaner for use as an espresso machine cleaner, coffee urn & utensil cleaner, as well as beer brewery equipment cleaner that is both safe for you, and the environment! When brewing the highest quality, organic coffee and/or organic beer your final beverage deserves a natural, safe alternative to common chemical based cleaning agents.

Millar’s Brewing Cleaner is the first equipment cleaner of it’s kind, and is highly effective at removing stubborn coffee debris, as well as the most heavily soiled beer brewing residue. Millar’s uses a bio-based plant extract that is totally safe for the environment, and humans alike.

Millar’s Brewing Cleaner is also an effective all-purpose cleaner / degreaser for general use all around the home or business. Millar’s Brewing Cleaner uses a highly concentrated formula that can be diluted with water and still remain 100% effective.


Made of non-ionic surfacants derived from colloidal plant oils (oat, safflower), linear alcohol derived from apple, purified water.
Works very well as a bacteria reducing sanitizer .
1 quart of concentrate makes over 4 gallons of cleaner!!100% All Natural Ingredients

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