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BOTTLE WAND PRO Microfibre Bottle washing and cleaning made easy. A Big time saver saves hours and hours of work. Cleans and sanitizes bottles much better than by hand so minimises infections. Attaches to a drill to spin clean your bottles fast. Hard wearing & Washes 12 x 750ml Beer/Wine bottles in 4 minutes. Designed and made by precision engineers. Makes bottle washing Faster and Easier. Cleans All size Beer and Wine bottles (including Grolsh) and plastic bottles. Microfibres for fast non scratch cleaning. Less fatigue, no having to move it up and down whole length of bottle, only requires minimal movement (about 20mm / 1″ max). “BOTTLE-WAND PRO” Easily fits through bottle necks, so no undue wear. 13 x Cleaning fins spin out fully to the inside of the bottle and does not wrap around spindle. Can be used on cordless drills (battery type) or corded mains ones. A hole in the end and a panel pin is provided for you to hang up after use.

  • Bottle washer cleaner microfibre drill attachment for fast cleaning and sanitizing beer, wine or plastic bottles. For micro breweries, home brewers, wine and cider makers etc.