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Homebrew Beer Filter
Most beneficial to the home brewer who is processing small beer volumes. This product is easily adapted to the existing equipment used by most home brewers. The filter simply covers the siphon inlet by sliding over the tip. Then both the siphon and filter are inserted into the carboy as in the normal beer transfer procedure. With the normal siphon. fermentation debris is easily transferred along with the clear beer. By preventing the debris from entering the siphon, more beer is recovered in the process.

CLEAR Siphon Filter is constructed of reticulated polyurethane foam and will eliminate large debris when transferring beer to the second stage fermentation. In addition, this beer filter will eliminate debris as you transfer to the final bottling container stage as well as the end product bottling.

Home brewed beer flavor and quality always surpasses that of commercially produced beers that have been highly filtered. This product rids the beer of objectionable deposits without compromising taste or flavor.Beer Filter to remove large debris from fermentation

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