Mini Monster Bookshelf Brewery – Amber Ale

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The Mini Monster Bookshelf Brewery is an all-grain, 1 gallon beer brewing kit. Each kit features a clear 1 gallon glass carboy that lets you peer into the process of fermentation. You’ll watch the beer transform over 3 weeks from raw grain to delicious craft beer. The instructions read like a recipe, with the novice brewer in mind. Every step of the process is explained in vivid detail. This ensures that even a newcomer to homebrewing can use the Mini Monster and produce great tasting beer in as few as 3 weeks. The ingredients used are fresh, with the hops arriving in a light-proof, vacuum sealed packet to ensure no loss of flavor. Every kit also includes a packet of premium quality dry yeast from Fermentis. The Amber Ale ingredient pack is included with this kit, and makes a well-rounded beer – rich in malt and balanced with hops flavor and aroma. Fermentation lasts about 7 days, with bottle conditioning requiring as few as 14 days. That’s grain-to-glass in just 3 weeks!Makes 1 Gallon of high quality beer

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