Home Brew Stuff Deluxe Brewer’s Starter Kit

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Get started making your own beer with the Intermediate Brewer’s Starter Kit. This kit includes all the basics required with a secondary fermentation PET Plastic Carboy. When bought from Home Brew Stuff a Stainless Steel Bottle Opener will be included FREE. Items Inside: Free Gift Stainless Steel Bottle Opener, Zymurgy Beginner Magazine, Bottling Spigot, Bottling Bucket 6.5 gal, Fermenting Bucket 6.5 gal with Lid, 10 inch Test Jar, Economy Hydometer, 3/8 inch Auto Siphon, 5 feet Tubing with Clamp, Frothing Thermometer, 4 Pack of C-Brite Sanitizer, Bottling Wand, Bottle Cleaning Brush, Red Plastic Bottle Capper, two 3-Piece Air Locks, Intermediate Carboy Bung Stopper, and 5 gal PET Plastic Carboy.Basic Needs for Brewing

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