Home Beer Brewing Equipment Kit with Irish Stout

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With The Home Brewery Equipment Kit and Ingredient Kit brewing beer at home is not only fun, but easy too. This starter kit comes complete with all the equipment and ingredients you need to make our special recipe for Irish Stout. This Dry Stout is black in color with a brown head, and is very full-bodied.  It has a rich maltiness paired with a sharp bite from the roasted grains, and impressive hop profile. This kit includes all the ingredients necessary for your first 5 gallon (2 cases) batch of homebrew. Our special recipe ingredient kits are totally complete and include: all the malt extract needed for the recipe (no need to add sugar here), specialty grains for added flavor and a cheesecloth bag for steeping them, fresh hops for just the right amount of bitterness, flavor and aroma, yeast, clarifier, priming sugar for bottling and full instructions specific to each recipe. Our equipment kit sets you up with all the special equipment you need to make outstanding homebrew again and again. It is versitile and easily expandable to grow with you and your interests. Kit includes: 6.5 gallon fermenting bucket with lid, stopper and airlock, 6.5 gallon bottling bucket, bottle filler, bottle capper, 144 caps, 5 ft siphon hose, 24 in siphon cane with anti-sediment tip, hydrometer, thermometer, sanitizer and an instruction book. The only extra items you will need are a stock pot to boil in (we suggest at least a 3-5 gallon size) and beer bottles that are either pry-off (not twist off) or flip-top to bottle in. This hobby is easier than you think! Give it a try and you wont be disappointed. Questions? Don’t hesitate to give us a call for guidance and advice. You can count on The Home Brewery for unbeatable service, even after the sale.Kit comes complete with everything you need to brew 5 gallons of a rich Irish Stout.

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